She was always an artist.


Born in Calgary, Alberta, from the moment she could create, she was singing, taking up space, and making her presence known.


As a young girl, she could most often be seen barefoot in her living room, twirling around in her Dad's Led Zeppelin T-shirt and gas station sun glasses - hair a staticky mess, in total bliss,  singing her heart out to the magic of Ariel & Belle.

She was always looking for adventure - seeking depth & demanding meaning from every experience that came her way.


Passionate, vulnerable, wild, & free.


& nothing has changed.

Now an alternative singer/songwriter based in YYC, Pluvelle draws from acoustic/indie, vintage, & alternative rock influences, using a soft fingerpicking style on electric guitar & sultry vocals to create moody, broody ballads. 


Often compared to artists such as Lana Del Rey & Billie Eilish, she expresses herself in a way that is both raw & sweet while producing a dynamic sound & energy. 


From Nine Inch Nails to Julien Baker, there are many artists she is inspired by, but some of her heaviest influences include: Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Fleetwood Mac, Daughter, Chet Faker, Kimbra, Amy Winehouse, Cigarettes After Sex, & Glass Animals. 


Ultimately, she wishes to be nothing more than a vessel for the Universe to work through - a muse to exude - transmuting pain into love, sadness into hope, & suffering into healing. . . to be just one of many lights providing as much connection & healing as she can on this spinning rock that we call home.   


'Bourbon' OUT NOW.

 See EPK for upcoming projects.